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Our Story & history

Laszlo's Iron Skillet has survived a Flood, a Fire, and Fifty Years in Business.  We strive each day to create unique, fresh, authentic foods for you to enjoy.   Our history is rich, and we would love to be able to share more with you, so feel free to ask any questions you may have next time you are here for dinner.

Wall Mural in entry, one of the pieces salvaged from the fire. Painted in 1998. Family Crest of the Molnar's with two of Hungary's most know wines the "Egri Bikaver also called Bulls Blood and the Kadarka. The Hungarian flag colors are displayed and the Coat of Arms. 


WELCOME ...... to Laszlo's Iron Skillet Restaurant. Laszlo's Iron Skillet was established in Mount Washington by Laszlo & Elizabeth Molnar in 1973. As the business grew, the Molnar Family purchased a location in Newtown Ohio. That location was open for 40 years, which it survived a flood in 1997, withstanding three weeks worth of renovation. However, in March 1, 2013 we weren't so lucky, an unexpected fire left our building in disrepair due to extensive damage. We spent eight months planning, cleaning, and trying to rebuild. Much to our regret we found out we could not remain in the original location. Laszlo Jr. and Monica took over the business in 1998 and have carried on the family name and tradition in serving our families legacy they started in 1973.


Time to get back to what we, our customers, and our love for the business, we moved to a temporary location at Ivy Hills Center and opened November 1, 2013. Continuing to look for somewhere more permanent and suitable to fit Laszlo's Eastern European flair. We remained in the strip mall location till July 18, 2015.  In March 2015 we found 1020 Ohio Pike to lease, after six months of cleaning, painting, and making it our own. We finally opened September 4, 2015. We are very happy to be in Clermont County, Union Township.


The Withamsville location has an awesome outdoor covered patio and an amazing biergarten to enjoy the outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall weather. Live Music, Corn Hole, and Much More. The inside dining areas and the bar are the perfect way to enjoy our Eastern European menu and great line up of draft & bottled beers at our full service bar. Large upstairs party room available all year round for the perfect ocassion. Carry Out & Catering Available.


As a family owned business, Laszlo's Iron Skillet continues to strive to serve the highest quality, authentic, fresh Eastern European cusine. Don't forget to check out our bar menu and our regular menu for your favorites, problem, kids menu available too. Something Else? Please ask our chef, he will be glad to prepare a special gluten-free or vegetarian dish. Although each European region or village may prepare the same foods in a different manner, these are recipes that our family enjoyed. The recipes have been handed through generatons of the Molnar Family. Celebrating Many Years of Great Food. Laszlo's hope you enjoy your meal and come back to visit soon again. 




Mom's Shirt

The basic garment of the woman's costume is a blouse. As currently worn, the cut is quite modern, with short set in sleeves and an opening in the back. There is a small amount of embroidery on the front under the neck opening, and also on the sleeves. the sleeve ends are generally scalloped, with openwork, usually either Broderie Anglaise or Richelieu. 

Monica's Outfit

The Kalocsa [pronounced Kalocha] region is not very large, but it has developed a beautiful and renowned form of very colorful embroidery which is often considered, along with the Matyo, to be representative of Hungary 


Laszlo bought the Lederhosen from Austria on his return visit from Hungary. We would fly from the airport in Vienna, Austria. He brought these back to display in the restaurant. 


Lederhosen (German for leather breeches; singular in German usage: Lederhose) are breeches made of leather; they may be either short or knee-length. The longer ones are generally called Bundhosen or Kniebundhosen.



There is a widespread misconception that lederhosen are a traditional national costume (Tracht) in German-speaking countries. They should rather be considered to be workwear or leisurewear for working-class men.



The word lederhosen is frequently mispronounced leiderhosen (literally, "sadly-breeches") orliederhosen ("songs-breeches"). The German pronunciation is [ˈleːdɐhoːzən], and the Englishpronunciation is /ˈleɪdərhoʊzən/.

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